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Floating Ball Valve, 10K, JIS B2002, RF

Floating Ball Valve, 10K, JIS B2002, RF

Short Description

Design standard: JIS B2002.Body material: SCPH2.Nominal diameter: 100A.Pressure: 10K.End connection: RF.Face to face: JIS B2220.Working temperature:-29℃~+200℃.Mode of operation: Bare stem.Test and inspection: JIS B2003.Product RangeBody Material: C..

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Quick Detail

Design standard: JIS B2002.
Body material: SCPH2.
Nominal diameter: 100A.
Pressure: 10K.
End connection: RF.
Face to face: JIS B2220.
Working temperature:-29℃~+200℃. 
Mode of operation: Bare stem.
Test and inspection: JIS B2003.

Product Range

Body Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel. 
Normal diameter: 1/2”~6” (DN15~DN150). 
End connection: BW, Flanged. 
Pressure range: 150lbs~300lbs(PN16~PN40). 
Operation: Lever, Gearbox, Electric. 
Working temperature: -46℃~+200℃. 

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